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Expand your reach
and impact.

Unite Us is your partner to easily connect patients to community resources.

The Only End-to-End
Solution for Social Care

Whether you are looking to connect patients with community-based resources, gain visibility beyond the four walls of your practice, or better invest in community benefit programs, Unite Us is here to help.

  • Proactively screen patients for social needs.
  • Refer patients to social care providers.
  • Gain a full view of your patients’ health and social care.
  • Seamlessly integrate into existing workflows.

Now you can build stronger connections with the community through a trusted network of health and community-based organizations.

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What Our Health Provider Partners Are Saying

“The Unite Us Platform offers an incredible opportunity for improving services to clients. It gives providers the means to more clearly understand what each agency does. This platform will allow clients to access services without having to tell their story repeatedly. It makes each of us a one-stop touchpoint for all of our combined services for each client. In short, this platform provides vital tools to reduce human suffering.”

Dr. Dean Barley
Director of BYU Comprehensive Clinic

“Becoming a part of the Unite Us network marked an important change in our outreach and coordinated care model. The technology streamlines the way Optima Health connects members to local social services like healthy food, safe housing, and employment services. Once the member receives the referred services, the platform allows sharing updates, so providers can collaborate over a shared patient’s progress. We can track outcomes to measure the impact of the coordinated care network. We are now expanding our partnership to cover all of Virginia.”

Traci Massie
Director of Government Programs, Optima Health

“For Ballad Health to be successful—and for our region to thrive—we all have to reach beyond our four walls and build partnerships to harness the power of collective impact. When we are all rowing in the same direction, we will demonstrably improve the health of the region.”

Anthony Keck
Executive Vice President System Innovation and Chief Population Health Officer, Ballad Health

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