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How It Works

With Unite Us, you can build and scale your coordinated care network, track outcomes together, identify service gaps and at-risk populations, and most importantly, empower members of your community to take ownership of their own health.

Step 1


Anna shows up at Jamie's organization, reaches out over the phone, or submits an assistance request form online.

Step 2

SDoH Screening

Jamie screens Anna and identifies her health and social needs.

Step 3


Jamie uses Unite Us to gain digital consent and electronically refer Anna to multiple community partners. Through the platform, she can seamlessly communicate with the other providers in real time and securely share Anna’s information.

Step 4

Care Coordination and Resolution

Anna receives the care she needs. Every referral, interaction, and outcome is tracked by Unite Us.

Step 5

Feedback and Outcomes

Jamie and the rest of Anna's care team receive real-time updates throughout her ongoing health journey.

Build healthier communities with us.

Once a network partner identifies a person’s social needs, they can instantly send a secure electronic referral to the most appropriate network partner(s) for that specific service. Partners involved in that person’s care will have visibility into whether or not the referral is accepted and once accepted, whether or not that person received the services and what happened as a result. Unite Us onboards and trains all partners who use the platform to ensure consistency, compliance, and accountability to the network.
Network partners may include community-based organizations (CBOs), safety net health care providers, health systems, insurers, and other groups looking to better support people to achieve healthy outcomes. Network partners can choose to participate in whatever way works best for them and can change how they participate in the network over time.

The Technology

Network partners are connected to each other through Unite Us‘ shared technology platform. Unite Us’ intuitive platform supports meaningful collaboration, community-wide care coordination, and secure, bidirectional data sharing.

  • Unite Us builds HIPAA, SAMHSA, 42 CFR Part 2, and FERPA-compliant networks in which appropriate viewing permissions are assigned for sensitive classes of information.
  • All network information is dually protected by secure
    technology and user procedures. The network is routinely audited for digital security.
  • Consent is required from every person who has a client record in the network before information is shared.
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